Invalidating the data store

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Using an external security module (wallet/HSM) separates ordinary program functions from encryption operations, making it possible to divide duties between database administrators and security administrators.Security is enhanced because the wallet password can be unknown to the database administrator, requiring the security administrator to provide the password.Use TDE to protect confidential data, such as credit card and social security numbers, stored in table columns.You can also use TDE to encrypt entire tablespaces.

TDE tablespace encryption is useful if you want to secure sensitive data in tables.Both TDE column encryption and TDE tablespace encryption use a two-tiered, key-based architecture.Even if the encrypted data is retrieved, it cannot be understood until authorized decryption occurs, which is automatic for users authorized to access the table.While the actual performance impact on applications can vary, the performance overhead is roughly estimated to be in between 5% and 8%.TDE tablespace encryption is a good alternative to TDE column encryption if your tables contain sensitive data in multiple columns, or if you want to protect the entire table and not just individual columns.

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