Is countess luann still dating jacques

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As part of their divorce arrangement, Lu was supposed to create a trust for half of her .1 million Sag Harbor house in the kids’ (Noel and Victoria) names.

Now Lu is trying to sell the house for something upstate (because those broads really need another Berkshires venue to screech in), meaning Noel and Victoria would be out of whatever cash Lu makes from the house sale.

Swindling your kids and suing your mother is straight out of Greatest reunion ever!

Wonderful to spend the weekend with the kids and The Count.

They can enjoy five minutes of the honeymoon phase before she’s contractually obligated to bring him along to a dinner party with Ramona Singer and the rest of the Manhattan banshees, one of them makes up a friendship with Rich’s wife, and the whole thing goes up in smoke!

Lu’s really just bringing on the bad press this week since TMZ says she’s also getting sued by her kids and Count Chocula (actually called Alexandre de Lesseps).

They’re not as wonderful as the Atlanta girls, and they’re not as “mob-wife-y” as the New Jersey ones, but the New York girls have their sleazy charm. : Things are getting serious between Real Housewives of New York City star Countess Lu Ann de Lesseps and her French wine distributor boyfriend Jacques Azoulay.

This week, Thomson appeared on a popular Real Housewives podcast, Andy’s Girls.Bethenny Frankel stopped by Watch What Happens Live earlier this week to talk about her meltdown in Miami.Frankel admits it wasn’t only Luann de Lesseps that set her missing the chapter saying it’s okay to bump uparts with a dude before his divorce is finalized.Ex-Countess Lu Ann de Lesseps has bounced from Count Chocula (isn’t that how she got her title?

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