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Men are looking for someone who makes his life better, simply by being optimistic, silly, sexy, and fun.

In other words, the number of men who are taller, smarter, richer, is going to be a small fraction of the population.

That kind of thinking is a huge blind spot for many women.

The only way to land a man like that is to give him what he can’t get anywhere else.

You’re attracted to a certain kind of personality type.

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Where black and white love and date freely without any boundaries.

All of a sudden, forgiveness seems like the way to go in that situation, you know? She said that she is so healthy that her therapist pronounced her cured and may even be moonwalking with joy and approval as I sit here typing.

People who hate her are legion and they are all salivating over her suffering.

It’s a completely different energy from your ability to slay dragons in the workplace.

Well, consider the personality type of a guy who is busy, driven, and wealthy.

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