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But the relatively small output and the naturally higher frequencies of the EL84 power tubes often lead the Model One and Model Two to be used for studio recording, practice or performance in a smaller setting.Around 1969, solid state versions of the Models One and Two were issued in very limited numbers.Kalamazoo is the name for two different lines of instruments produced by Gibson. The first consisted of such instruments as archtop, flat top and lap steel guitars, banjos, and mandolins made between 19, and the second, from 1965 to 1970, had solid-body electric and bass guitars.Gibson already had the Epiphone brand which it used to market more affordable guitars, but Epiphone was already a mid-level brand and Gibson desired something truly cheap.The Kalamazoo Bass was introduced in 1966 and like the guitar model had two body styles resembling the Mustang and the SG.The earlier headstocks were, again, reminiscent of Fender models.While the bolt-neck design was already a money saver, Gibson sought cheaper materials as well and found them in MDF (also known as Masonite).Money was also saved on the pickguard (a single sheet of plastic, not laminated) and the (open-back) tuners.

Search thousands of personals for friends, love or marriage.The tone was managed by individual bass and treble controls as opposed to the single tone control on earlier models, and boasted a spring reverb. The tube-driven Bass 30 and Bass 50 were both equipped with a pair of 10" Jensen speakers.These came in different confiurations over time: in one version the speakers were side by side with a flip-out control panel that became flush with the back of the cabinet when not in use; a vertical speaker configuration with a flip out panel; and a vertical configuration with a wood finish slanted panel like the guitar amps.The circuitry in the Kalamazoo Model Two is similar to the Gibson GA-5T Skylark amplifier of the same time period, as well as the Sano-ette made by Sano Amplifiers of New Jersey.The last of tube-style Models One and Two were given a brown, wooden look faceplate instead of the previous black panel, and are sometimes referred to as "brownface Zoo's" by Kalamazoo enthusiasts.

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