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So while the Enquirer is reporting that Kardashian thinks he may be “the one,” we are here to tell you not so fast. Kardashian in Dallas more than anyone (well, perhaps not more than Austin).At this point, however, it looks as though our boy needs to put in a little more work to discard the much maligned “just friends” label.FYI: There were no reality TV cameras chronicling this relationship.Kardashian met Ray J after the divorce, while she worked as a stylist for his sister Brandy.Meanwhile, even though she's proudly dating, Kim claims she's in no rush to settle down. Now is the one time in my life I can be 100% selfish.

She and record producer Damon Thomas said "I do" in 2000. The two went through a messy divorce in 2004, with Kardashian claiming he physically and mentally abused her.

Remember that Austin spent a bit of extra time working out this spring in L. As ESPN Dallas points out, she is also one of the 15 people he “follows” on Twitter.

We wrote a few months ago what a great fit Reggie Bush would be in Dallas.

From athletes to models and singers Kim Kardashian has dated and married more than a handful of men.

At one point, seemed like the reality TV stars dating life was a revolving door of some of the hottest men in Hollywood.

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