Kerri from secret friends

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He'd traveled to the Detroit-area apartment she shared with her husband the afternoon of Feb. 1 special detailing the murderer's reign of terror.25, 2005 to inform her that they'd used her own DNA to confirm their suspicions. "[The agent] was asking me questions about my dad, about dates and things, and I was...trying to almost alibi my father. He's, like, Boy Scout leader, president of the church. Dennis Rader, a bespectacled, balding 59-year-old compliance officer at the time of his arrest, would later to confess to killing 10 victims and share the secret, deviant behavior he'd kept hidden from his wife and two kids for years, how he had a predilection for bondage and sadism, a desire to physically control women he found attractive.For months local outlets were publishing stories that the ruthless killer had re-emerged after decades of silence.There was much to discuss, what with his decision to claim responsibility for another murder, and resume his old ploy of taunting both the media and police alike with clues on how he'd gotten away with his crime spree.Their oldest child, 15-year-old Charlie Otero, would discover his parents' lifeless bodies when he returned home from school with his other siblings. "I ran down the hall, went in their bedroom and saw my mother on the bed, my father on the floor, and my heart just got ripped out of my chest. If they looked inside an engineering book at the Wichita Public Library he shared, they'd find a letter describing the murders in depth and announcing his intentions to kill again."I went to the back door of the kitchen entrance and opened it up and walked inside, and I looked at the stove. How many people did he have to kill, he'd wonder in a subsequent letter, before he got some national attention for his work?

"You don't want to believe it's true," the 40-year-old said in yesterday's special, her first television interview.She was taken aback that something like this was happening in the background of her largely idyllic childhood.Still, she assumed, as she'd later relay to cameras that the guy was just some law-breaking miscreant, "a loner." Never once did she imagine he was her father.Having cut the phone lines to the Otero's residence, he forced his way in using a gun.Then he set about suffocating the foursome by using a plastic bag. Otero as comfortable as I could," he would later share during a court hearing.

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