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Joann has positioned herself as a quality-driven alternative to online dating, and many young people see her boutique services as the answer to their dating problems.

Her core audience used to be singles in their 40s and 50s, but that has rapidly changed in the last few years.

Now the majority of singles in her office are in their late-20s and 30s.

These singles have had it with modern dating techniques and want to use an old-school, hands-on matchmaker to set them up with worthwhile dates. “It’s not that they can’t get dates — it’s that they feel they’re wasting their time.

Learn More As a Professional Matchmaker, I have interviewed over 3000 singles and helped over 500 people on their journey to finding love.

We’ve been taught that falling in love is a matter of chance; but what if it’s simply a set of optimal circumstances which, when put together, as in the right place and the right time,?

These singles want professional assistance, so they seek out a local matchmaker.

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She pre-screens date candidates, interviews clients, and arranges compatible dates, so singles have the best possible shot at making a connection.

That’s why many of today’s singles are getting burnt out by the swiping carousel and seeking more efficient alternatives to dating sites and apps.

In a surprising turn of events, online dating has actually benefited the matchmaking industry because it has caused relationship-minded singles to realize they don’t have the time or energy to date on their own.

She can look for that X-factor that algorithms can’t detect.

Her tailored matching services stand in stark contrast to online dating’s massive date factory.

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