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For these people, marital satisfaction spiked right around their wedding, then rapidly declined until the 30-month mark, when many of them reported feeling "extremely unhappy" in their marriages.So it looks like the phenomenon real, but luckily, it doesn't affect every bond.“He seems to have become a part of my life and I'm disappointed if I don't see him.If I get to the end of the day without seeing someone who reminds me of him, I feel as if a dull shadow has fallen over me.” ― “ Any relationship with long-term potential has a honeymoon period, however brief, marked by the happy illusion that one's lover might be uniquely perfect.It depends on the individuals, their lifestyles and any external pressures on the relationship.If a couple has a long-distance relationship the honeymoon period may last longer than it would if the pair lived closer to each other, purely because they spend a lot of time apart and therefore make more of an effort when they are together. After the honeymoon period ends the real relationship can start, agree psychologists.I have always thought that a persons true colors start to show between months 4-6. you both are in control of how long it lasts I agree with Art.That is also about the same time that the rose colored glasses come off and you see the person in a true state.. Nobody says that after 4-6 months that you will see nothing but bad stuff as the person and love you feel could very well be genuine but if you do start to see things that you aren't quite sure about then those would be considered flags to watch. Generally speaking, the romance stage of dating lasts six months.

Watching your partner interact with others helps you see him in a different light.According to a poll of 5,000 married couples carried out by onepoll.com, the honeymoon is well and truly over after two years of marriage. It may take a bit of time, effort and commitment to accept that the person you are with is not who you thought you fell in love with, says Davidson, but this is what is required to discover a love that transcends time. Recapturing the Excitement It’s natural to think back longingly to those early days of fun and lust, no matter how much you love your partner.It’s not too difficult to put a bit more spark into your relationship, says an Aug.They also filled out questionnaires about any depressive symptoms, alcoholism, or violence in the relationship.After 30 months, 14 percent of men and 10 percent of women seemed to experience the honeymoon phase—followed by a steep dip in marital happiness after that.

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