Match com releases study on trends in online dating

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Same goes for your school — make sure you fill it in.

If you haven’t noticed, these all circle back to being ice-breakers.

“If you have strong family values, by all means, put it in,” said Spira. Highlight your musical tastes I’d always thought this was superfluous, but looks like I’ve been wrong.

If you’re on an app like Tinder that lets you sync your music to your profile, you should do it. Say where you’re from Another obvious one, it would seem, but it’s especially important in major cities with many transplants.

For the first time, the study also examines the significant impact of singles on the economy and how much they spend on their dating lives.

To view the multimedia assets associated with this release, please click: "It's thrilling for me, as an anthropologist, to dig deep into singles' collective psyche with this annual survey, and watch singles of all ages lead the way toward a less prejudiced society," said Dr. "Men are far more loving -- and committed -- than most believe.

And even worse, don’t even try to be cheeky and say you’re not sure what to put in your profile description. I’m on Tinder to meet someone special: swipe right if you’re a political junkie, or swipe right if you love music,” said Spira. Put a list of “dont’s” Laying down the law before you’ve even had a drink is a creepy, control-freak move.

“Don’t say in your profile ‘gee, I don’t know what to write in my bio’ because then you look sort of stupid,” said Spira. Listing a grip of demands you’re prospective match shouldn’t do — don’t contact me if you’re best friends with your ex, or if you’re dating multiple people, or if you like “The Sopranos” more than “The Wire” — always backfires.

The Los Angeles-based online dating coach has between 50 and 100 clients at any given time, and she’s not afraid to share her two cents on common Tinder mistakes. But apparently there are guys — and make no mistake: guys are usually the ones making these errors, according to Spira — who insist on posting shirtless bathroom selfies on Tinder. “In the first shot, you need to look happy, you need to look confident.” No emo pictures. Show off your travel spots When it comes to travel, don’t just talk about it in your profile, but be about it.So let’s run through Spira’s essential dating app dos and don’ts. Use all six pictures This helps give your profile a measure of authenticity right off the bat. Your second pic should highlight a trip you’ve been on.“Say you were lucky enough to go on a trip to Paris — you want to show a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower,” said Spira. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --, the world's largest online dating site, today released findings from its annual 'Singles in America' study -- the most comprehensive national study of single Americans.Now in its fourth year, the report illustrates the ways in which singles of all ages are leading the way toward more intimate partnerships and dramatically altering traditional beliefs about sex, love and attachment.

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