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Current members trace their family histories to countries including Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Morocco.

The site works a little bit differently than dating apps such as Tinder, in which users swipe “yes” or “no” on profiles that provide scant information other than photos.

People can opt for either low quality dating websites used to chat anonymously, or social networks like Moroccos Alam Jadid, which is designed to help like-minded people meet over common interests.

It’s odd, explained the Lebanese entrepreneur, given how the social pressure can be to find someone after a certain age, and how tricky it can be to meet members of the opposite sex person in some areas.

NEW YORK (JTA) — These days, there’s a dating site or app for just about any group you can imagine, from men with beards (and their admirers) to a farmers-only site.

There’s even an app matches people based upon shared dislikes — as in “I saw you, too, hate paying extra for guacamole.” But one day it dawned upon Cynthia Shamash, a New York-based dentist, that it was still hard for Mizrahi Jews, or Jews from the Middle East and North Africa, to meet each other.

On Eldelala, users answer a questionnaire about themselves regarding topics such as religious observance, willingness to relocate and what they are looking for in a partner.

“They felt a connection.” These conversations got Shamash, 53, thinking about how the next generation of Jews of Iraqi descent would stay connected to their heritage.

Still, Shamash’s goal is not to discourage marriage between Jews of Middle Eastern descent and those from other backgrounds, she said, pointing out that she has been married to her husband, an Ashkenazi Jew, for 25 years.

“I didn’t make it in any way so there should be no mixing [between Mizrahi and non-Mizrahi Jews],” she said.

Sharon Arazi, a 28-year-old retail manager from Great Neck, New York, has Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese ancestry.

She signed up for Eldelala in May because she prefers to date someone who shares her Mizrahi background, she said, noting common food, music and mentalities.

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