Mpd not updating

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After running an update that takes 5 mins, it sees the directory of the /music/Music directory.

Any ideas on what I would need to do to get MPD to update the db_file? Lots of posts suggest running mpc -createdb, but I understand this has been depreciated.

The default alright if you don’t plan on importing too many playlists, but if you’re the type of person who imports and exports playlists between devices or from friends, it’s probably better to set this to a directory in You can set the user and group running the MPD server if you’d like.

There really isn’t much of a reason to do this on system wide configuration, but if you need to, you can.

It will read that directory and any subdirectories, so there is no need to worry about folders for artists or albums getting in the way.

When you’re done, it should looks something like this: The above option sets where MPD will look for and save playlists.

Many of them are just as feature packed as their proprietary counterparts on other operating systems.

The db updated the first time when I was reading music from USB0. So when I first start MPD the directory appears as reflected in the db. The update runs and after 5 mins the directory shows correctly and I can play music. I have gone in and edited the db manually to remove songs.

Of course, you probably don’t want the default configuration, so shut down the service with Systemd, so you can start working on setting it up how you like. There are other ways to configure it, including user specific configs, but it’s much easier to just use the system-wide version that ships with MPD.

Open it up with Vim, or your favorite editor, and start looking around.

I have mounted the NAS with CIFS and have pointed to the NAS for most of its files.

music_directory "/music1/Music" playlist_directory "/music1/MPD/Playlists" db_file "/music1/MPD/mpd.db" log_file "/music1/MPD/mpd.log" pid_file "/music1/MPD/" state_file "/music1/MPD/mpdstate" Voyage sees the files and they all have RW privileges. In some cases 100% of files will show, in others every other file is missing even thought it is on the NAS. It still contains the list of songs that were on the usb stick I first put in the ALIX to test sound.

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