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Brown suggests channeling your inner strength towards openly discussing with your partner how you're feeling. Just because you didn't initially fall in love with this new version of your boo doesn't mean you won't begin to love them all the same."Once you have become aware of this downward spiral, you really need to hack your courage and have what will likely be a series of conversations with your partner about what you are observing wishing them and yourself, and the impact all of this is having," Dr. Of course, Brown also shares that it's important to remember that while change may be intimidating at first, your partner changing doesn't mean your relationship is in danger. If you're feeling ready to talk to your partner about the ways they've changed and how it affects you, Dr.You feel that you are losing your fire for your partner.You find yourself wanting to be with almost anyone else but your partner.Still, it can be painful or intimidating to face change on the day to day, especially within our romantic relationships."Depending on their life circumstances, personal experiences, attitudes, values, and beliefs a partner can change in any number of ways," Dr. "The number of ways a partner — and ourselves — can change is limitless.Intentionally working on not interrupting or trying to only use "I statements" can be great practices in scenarios like this.If you're starting to sense yourself trying to change your partner into who they used to be, dodging their invitations to hangout, or just feeling a little disconnected, try talking to your boo about your observations and feelings.

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If you sense that you're starting to feel less than impressed with who your partner is becoming, Dr. Sometimes change — even if scary and painful — can open new doors and possibilities that you might not ever had imagined could be possible in your life." Maybe your partner switching jobs was stressful at first, but now is really awesome, or perhaps going vegan really helped their stomach pains.

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Brown emphasizes the importance of being patient and openminded with your partner.

"I would strongly suggest that you do everything you can to not be judgmental of your partner — there may be things going on with them that you had no idea about," Dr. "You want to create a safe environment so that both of you can more freely talk about the changes one or both of you might have been going through and what all of this means for your relationship both now and in the future." When having big talks, it's important to create a welcoming environment for you and your partner to be able to openly share.

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