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(He started with animals during childhood.) Unlike most serial killers, he had someone to help him control and hone his urge to kill based on a rule set: The Code of Harry.

For years, Dexter distanced himself from his crimes, referring to being controlled by a Dark Passenger..

Dexter prepares rolls of shrink wrap that will hold the victim to the table to prevent them from escaping.

Finally, Dexter leaves pictures of the victims, hung like sanctuaries around the target to let them know why they are there.

The big serial killers such as The Ice Truck Killer, The Skinner, and Trinity are featured, alongside other murderers, such as Boyd Fowler and Mary, the First Nurse.

The pictures Dexter shows the murders of their victims are evidence of the strong sense of justice that Dexter was born with.

Most times this is done outside of the area where the kill room.

Dexter will typically stalk his victim, preparing for the grab by hiding in wait somewhere before jumping out with a needle filled with the animal tranquilizer, M99, to knock out his target.

Occasionally Dexter will leave bait, perhaps involving a previous victim of the target, to lure them in for an easy capture.

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