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With the constant hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, technology has become a godsend to people looking to hook up in the least amount of time.

New Yorkers tend to really like their own neighborhoods. Each of the five NYC boroughs has a distinctive personality.

Luckily, a happy 72 percent reported that they had never been cheated on, but 28 percent weren’t so lucky. Manhattan came out as home to the most cheaters (31 percent). Whether it really matters or not, we sure talk a lot about penis size. Manhattan was the most “average,” while Staten Island was the “smallest.” With the Bronx also being voted as less likely to cheat, you might want to consider this borough a winner. Though NYC is one big city, the five boroughs make it feel like many cities.

Other notable mentions include the 25 percent of cheaters in both Queens and Brooklyn. The City That Never Sleeps must be up to something else, but just how many inches are its penis sizes up to? And living in NYC isn’t like living anywhere else in the U. Sometimes, it’s easier to date someone that lives in your same borough.

With all the Big City hustle and bustle, who wants to take the subway every time he or she wants to see that special someone?

Speaking of subways: Most New Yorkers have to make remarkable arrangements when setting up a date.

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