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Every report of abuse to the Bitcoin abuse you can spend it.

These criminals try to launder the money by moving it through dozens, if not hundreds of different bitcoin wallets, hoping that the trail gets muddied and won’t be followed.

( Look at the comments section for loads of other examples) Recent versions of this horrible & very worrying scam are using details from one of the recent pastes of stolen information from previously hacked or compromised websites.

They are inserting your name and a password that is associated with your email address from a hacked site into the email.

He also states that he has stolen your contacts list.

He asks for amounts varying between about 0 up to ,000 in bitcoin, otherwise he will send the “evidence” to various names on your contact list.

When the object tap on a play button, device begins recording the screen and all cameras on ur device begins working.

Enter your email address on and see where your info had been stolen from.

Something like jenny, Rover, 12345, 54321, password, login or similar words are absolutely useless.

You need something like to stop them being guessed.

If you use a different randomly generated password on each site, then any compromise or theft of details can only apply to that site.

If you were more scrutiny while playing with yourself, I wouldn\’t write dis message.

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