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Most profiles on dating apps in Ghana are “suspicious” in general and so it wasn’t too surprising that most respondents said they don’t trust dating apps.

Some respondents left comments saying that some profiles on dating apps only wanted to “fool around”.

Websites used involve, Christian, Baby Boomer People, Plentyof, Our, and Facebook.Typical wire amounts ranged from ,000 to more than 0,000 per wire," the statement revealed.The Attorney General's office said the money was not used for the purposes claimed by the fraudsters but instead used for "transactions designed to conceal, such as withdrawing cash, transferring funds to other accounts and purchasing assets and sending the assets overseas." It is also alleged that the individuals used some of the fraud proceeds to purchase salvaged vehicles sold online for export to Ghana.At least six Ghanaians have been charged by a US grand jury for conspiring to launder and for laundering money in online romance scams.These Ghanaians were among eight persons charged on February 14, 2018, according to a statement from the Attorney General of the US Southern District of Ohio's office.

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