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“He’s a good kid who’s had a lot of bad luck and he has a lot of bad tendencies in a way,” describes Adams, acknowledging that it’s all part of the character’s difficult past. His foster family wasn’t the best to him, and it really reflects in his personality.” Tripp is the son of Steve Johnson and Ava Vitali, when he was born he was sold into the black-market by his grandfather, Martino Vitali. His adoptive mother was very kind and loving to him while his adoptive father was abusive towards him beating him for unknown reasons.

His adoptive mother passed away when he was very young, after that his relationship with his adoptive father gotten worse.

Steve is worried that Tripp maybe as troubled as Ava was. He tells him about how his mother's father forced her to give Tripp up.

Suddenly, the owner starts yelling and Tripp appears. Steve promised to tell him everything after he comes with him back to Salem to have a DNA test done to prove that he is his father. On March 27, Steve and Tripp have their blood drawn at University Hospital. At night, Tripp waits for Steve after he went to drop Jade at the hospital with Joey and Kayla.

Leaving Ava alone as she sank to the floor in despair, clutching the photograph of her son against her chest as she continued weeping, grieving for her deceased bundle of joy, the baby boy she will never hold or care for.

Later that night she had a psychotic break and she destroyed her entire room out of pure rage against Steve for leaving her in her grief after learning of the death of her child. He informed her of everything and that the baby died in infancy.

He also received his inheritance as the heir to the Vitali family fortune.

On April 29, Tripp revealed he graduated from Arizona State University.

In April 28, Tripp reveals he graduated from Arizona State.

The next day Steve told Kayla about his alleged son with Ava and on how he has considered in locating him for if the baby is truly his, he wants to make sure that he doesn't suffer a horrific childhood like he did.

Kayla thinks that Ava is playing but Steve persisted that he wanted to make sure if and Ava had a baby.

In October 19, Tripp became a waiter at the same cafe his friend Claire Brady is working at. He was in a committed relationship with Ciara, until on November 21, he and Ciara broke up when he confessed to Ciara that he was the one who planted evidence in framing Ben.

In January 12, 2016 Ava revealed to Steve that she had a son with him and that he was sold in the blackmarket by her father, Martino Vitali.

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