Outlook stuck updating cached messages

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This is only effecting 1 user out of 5 and the other 4 aren't having any issues and all 5 machines are configured the same.

I am using Mac Outlook 2016 and an outgoing message is stuck in its Outbox.

After that, I am unable to send any other email message even, I am not receiving new emails.

This is something I have never seen before and suspect might be unique for the Mac Outlook.

In that case, users face a common issue i.e., Outlook for Mac not sending or receiving emails and ask for the solution to resolve it just like above-mentioned user-query.

Well, before trying to fix the issue, one needs to identify the cause.

Is there any place in Mac Outlook where it may hold the error information about outlook 2016 for mac not sending or receiving emails?

Third-party email applications, like Microsoft Outlook, use either IMAP/ POP3 and SMTP protocols to send and receive email messages.

Removing cache replace the contents of a folder with the latest data items from MS Exchange server.

I can receive email but not able to send any message, Why?

The most likely possible reason behind this is incorrect SMTP authentication setting.

Removing cache may help you to troubleshoot Outlook for Mac not sending or receiving emails.

Resolution: Empty Outlook cache so that Outlook for Mac can download all data items from the Microsoft Exchange account once again.

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