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Chihaya is a young girl with a special power in fortune telling.She also believes very strongly in the fates that she reads to her customers and is surprised when those fates change.She is a shogi (chess) player, which makes her very intelligent.She’s generally fairly quiet and composed, except for her very special quirk when she is playing shogi–she verbalizes the role play of her shogi units : D. I think her quirk is absolutely adorable, and Hifumi was a great option outside of the main party.However, I really didn’t find her story particularly compelling.

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Practically, her social link will provide very useful skills for the party during battles, including guaranteed escape and changing party members.I’m sorry Ohya, I’m just not really sure anyone really chooses you as a romantic interest…I got to about rank 6 with Ohya, and she was the only girl I didn’t max.Before we begin, I just wanted to say that I chose to only officially date one girl in this game.However, I tested and reloaded a couple other routes, and you go through ranks 1-8 before you have to make a decision at 9, so you experience a lot of the “dates” even if you don’t ultimately choose to pursue a romance.

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