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As I pumped mycum into his mouth he started sucking hard on the head of my dick.

Ashe suckled at it the sensations drove me crazy and I began bucking myhips. uhhh," was all I could manage with my own mouthfull of big black cock.

"Mmmm, just like that." He stood up and"tea-bagged" me, offering his balls to lick and suck.

As he mashed hisballs against my open mouth, my nose nudged against his asshole. Stick out your tongue and lick my asshole." This wastaking a turn I hadn't really thought much about, but I had said earlierthat without knowing what the future held I wanted to experience it all. I stuck out my tongue and licked hisoffered ass."Oooo, yeah. Stick your tongue inside meand eat my ass, you nasty sissy slut." As he sat on my face and I atehis ass, he reached down and stroked my cock--it was rock hard andoozing pre-cum.

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