Pipestem dating formula failure in invalidating cache

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The form of English white ball-clay pipebowls can be used to determine accurate mean dates for historical contexts.Using previously established bowl seriations and typologies on the well-dated material assemblage uncovered at the site of the 1607 James Fort at Jamestown Island, Virginia, a newly developed calculation proves to be a reliable technique of assessing chronology.

(it breaks down to four main points conquest & subjugation of native peoples; creation of new economic systems; creation of new social hierarchies; development of colonialist ideologies). Discuss some of the more prominent architectural differences between early English Colonial Period houses, such as the Saltbox, and the later Georgian style houses.

Determining the pipebowl mean date involves identifying the shape of each bowl, counting the number of examples of each morphological type, and then completing a series of simple arithmetic calculations.

The pipebowl-dating device correlates well with other archaeological lines of evidence.

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