Quicken hangs updating financial information

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I have been using Quicken since 1993, and Quicken Bill Pay for more than 20 years.

My bank account was recently hacked, and for the last 2 months, I have been trying to get the new account, opened immediately after the hack, confirmed as the funding account so I can continue to use the otherwise convenient Bill Pay service directly through Quicken.

I consider myself to be a very competent and experienced user of financial software and online services. I have been getting error messages when trying to download my Fidelity account.

I called the Quicken help desk and the tech rep had no clue.

I am having now, not just the software, but even finding/getting support.

I go to the site and initiate a chat and after the agent comes he then drops the contact without responding to my queries or comments. I try to go to the community and the question I'm asking has never been asked before.

I recently was told my subscription need to be renewed with online Quicken to keep my software updated.

I have used Quicken for more than 10 years, and over the past two years the experience has just gotten worse and worse.

I spent more than 40 minutes, mostly on hold, and then the call just dropped.

Quicken made no effort to follow up with me to address the problem and there was no notification on the website that there is a problem with Fidelity.

Nothing downloads directly into it any more, making every account that I have to download from a series of steps rather than seamless. Subscribed to 2019 and worked OK after formatting for my 4K monitor.

There seems to be no one in the company who is listening to the customer experience. I got a message saying I should update for new security stuff blah blah blah. The new update has a wrong balance and will not sync properly with my bank. In JUNE 2019 they have updated the software twice (I have no idea why).

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