Quicken not updating transactions

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For years, Quicken was the name in personal finance software. It doesn't sync your accounts randomly, you have password problems, screens that should appear are blank, and it's just not a great experience anymore.

Sometimes it feels like they're just getting you to buy the newer version, right? Back then, cell phones were bricks (if you could afford one) and apps were what you ordered at a restaurant. Look: If you're tired of Quicken, its support and sync issues, and want a suitable free alternative or replacement – we have some options.

Tiller makes it possible for you to get automation AND keep your data locally.

They are not stuffed with advertisements like some other free tools. Why it is a good alternative to Quicken: It's better than Quicken because it's updated, has a rich set of tools for investment and retirement, and it has a budget and expense tracking component.The founders built Count About to be a Quicken alternative.Founded in mid-2012, it is one of the only personal finance apps that will import data from Quicken (and Mint! If you're looking to transition away from Quicken but worry about losing all your data, you can feed it your Quicken file and it'll populate itself. Like Quicken, Count About isn't free but it costs .99 for the Basic subscription and .99 for Premium subscription.If you're looking to transition to a financial tool that will help you (as in help you make the change, not just record expenses), you should take a look at YNAB.Why it is better than Quicken: Quicken only tracks your budget, YNAB does that AND helps you build a budget that meets the demands of your life and your savings needs.

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