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Archaeologists worry about this type of thing all the time in dating strata in a tell.I’ve plotted below all the radiocarbon dates by depth from the Thompson SI together with a rough approximation of the age model for the KNIF3 core?

The upspikes in KINF2 occur earlier than in KNIF3, suggesting at least the possibility that the àŽⳏ18 wiggle-matching might not be 100% on the money. Thompson has reported massive 20th century downwasting of the Kilimanjaro glacier – this seems unarguable.There are some remarkably young organic samples in the core, which much surely raise some question as to how much weight can be placed on the interpretation of the dated organics.I’ll try to consider the Soreq Cave on another occasion.I’m not saying that this interpretation is incorrect, but wouldn’t you like to see an explanation of the modern values?For core SIF2, Thompson reports a 6-meter interval of “rogue” ice that was “removed from the record because the isotopic signature was unique within the set of 5 cores”.

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