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The lack of lunar atmosphere allowed them to achieve 95% efficiency transmitting energy to the surface from lunar synchronous satellites.They had an emergency backup atomic powerplant left over from the bad old days out of a scrapped US nuclear submarine in case something happened to the solar power plants, which had an estimated life of over 100 years.Pictures sent back from the opto-electronic telescope which had a mirror 1-mile in diameter made Hubbles images look like someone with an Instamatic Camera taking a picture of Venus surrounded by the lights of New York City.In Alpha Prime, the garden was not only their source of food, but it recycled all waste and water, and converted the Carbon Dioxide exhaled by the occupants into Oxygen and water vapor.Over the decades, the Lunar Colony inhabitants stopped thinking of themselves as Earthlings, since they couldnt return to the Earth after living on the Moon so long, and their kids could never set foot on the Earth, or even enter its gravity well.Life underground on the lunar colony was little different from life on the Earth, with the exception of the Sky.Scientists quickly became at least Deists, and most became Christians. China and North Korea tried to launch a pre-emptive strike at Russia and the US.Our Space Defense system worked just like it was supposed to, and vaporized the warheads in flight. Russian and American sub-launched cruise missiles with neutron warheads that killed half the population of China, and wiped out North Korea.

They grew their own food, manufactured oxygen and hydrogen fuel; and mined the moon for valuable minerals and raw materials to build more structures.Every 28 days, Alpha prime would turn from the day side to the night side of the moon.The Dark Side was a misnomer, it got sunlight as often as the side that was facing the Earth, it was just that its orbit around the Earth equaled its rotation, resulting in a 28-day Lunar day, and the Earth could never see the dark side of the moon leading to all kinds of myths until the Apollo Astronauts orbited the moon in preparation for landing, and saw the dark side for the first time.In case their water production plant failed, they had millions of gallons of water stored for emergencies.While the low gravity allowed for lakes of open water or pools to form inside the pressure domes, the Council had decided that large bodies of open water werent worth the risk.

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