Realbasic progress bar not updating Sex chat puerto rico

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_______________________________________________ Unsubscribe or switch delivery mode: after ("Refresh false"). And I also have a text field in the window which gets updated. But I will build a version for Win w/o the refresh or w/ refresh false and see what happens.

Else, it depend on what actually makes the flickering. ;-) What might be making the Win98 version of the app flicker but not the Mac version?

This should fix issues with rapidly clicking buttons, as well as the Web File. 16898 On XP don't use "Set Program Access & defaults" (SPAD) It does NOT seem to change protocol handlers and so does not do what you expect.

DO use each browsers built in option/preference to set itself as the default browser & things should be OK.

16032 Cocoa: Printer setup strings saved with Carbon now load under Cocoa.

This is intended for compatibility only and you should move to using setup strings created from Cocoa builds.

The compatibility mode may not properly copy over all the attributes contained in the Carbon setup string.

16198 Key Up and Key Down have been replaced with a single event, Key Pressed which fires after the user has released a key (or repeatedly if the user holds the key down).

The Key Event handling routines now return the correct characters for keys that have them and only keycodes for keys without characters associated with them (Function Keys, Arrows, etc).

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