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Plot-wise, the movie was pretty nonsensical, but to be fair, it was always meant for action movie fans who were willing shrug their shoulders at the plot in preference for focusing on the suspense as well as Butler’s performance in the lead role.

Besides movies, Yune has been known to play roles in shows as well.

For example, he wanted Yune to play Zen-Yi from about Page 20 of the script, meaning that the role was very much written with Yune in mind.

In contrast, RZA didn’t settle on Dave Bautista for the character Brass Body until he was impressed by Bautista’s speed while stick fighting.

In 2012, Yune played Zen-Yi, who was one of the main characters in RZA’s The Man with the Iron Fists.

It is interesting to note that while RZA was writing the script for the movie, he had specific individuals in mind for certain roles but not for the rest.

It is interesting to note that Yune grew up as the one East Asian child in a black neighborhood in Washington, D. Due to this, he had a hard time fitting in, which resulted in him getting into a lot of fights.For instance, he was on the show Marco Polo, in which he played a character named Kaidu.With that said, it should be mentioned that the character was based on a historical person of the same name.Yune had the role of Kang Yeonsak in Olympus Has Fallen, who was popular enough to receive not one but two follow-ups.For those who are unfamiliar, the movie is focused on a disgraced Secret Service agent played by Gerard Butler who fights to save the President of the United States from North Korean captors under the command of Kang Yeonsak.

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