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, the 1973 romantic drama written by Arthur Laurents and directed by Sydney Pollack.

The Hollywood blacklist era, dominated by the House Un-American Activities Committee’s anti-communist “witch hunt,” was the most devastating political crisis in the history of the American film industry.

In addition to becoming a #1 hit, Streisand’s recording “The Way We Were” went on to be one the leading signature songs of her career.

This week’s indie is , a romantic comedy from 2011 directed by Whit Stillman.

Determined to do their altruistic duty to make the world a better place, Violet and her posse spot a new, just-arrived student named Lily whom they suspect might be of a like mind.

They proceed to indoctrinate the skeptical Lily into their quirky philosophical beliefs, embarking on a droll comic quest with unexpected forays into tap dancing, Fred Astaire movie musicals and the creation of a new international dance craze.

Yet for an industry that loves to make movies about itself, only a handful of feature films have been produced that incorporate the blacklist into a “behind-the-camera” storyline.

Since my early 20s, I’ve always thought of myself as a hybrid between Carrie and Samantha (or Khadijah and Regine, Dorothy and Blanche): creative and free spirited while at the same time unapologetically ambitious and a little flamboyant.Once in production, Pollack then had to contend with the opposing techniques of his stars: Streisand liked to discuss her character in depth, but Redford did not, concerned it would undermine spontaneity.Yet despite the production challenges, the chemistry of the two stars surmounted it all, with Pauline Kael famously quipping in her review in that the film was like “…a torpedoed ship full of gaping holes which comes snugly into port.” A box office hit that has remained beloved by audiences for almost five decades, the film was nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Actress for Streisand, with Marvin Hamlisch’s score and theme song with lyrics by Marilyn and Alan Bergman taking home the year’s Oscar statuettes.Big is celebrating his engagement to Natasha, a simple, seemingly perfect straight haired woman he has chosen to marry over Carrie.Miranda, her straight shooting lawyer friend brings up a concept from the classic Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford movie, (1973).

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