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the only way for me to get outlook to recognize mailboxes at the site without exchange was to change the RUS DC's under the system manager.

they were pointing to the DC at the one site with exchange but was not updating address list.

We have a single domain, with a single exchange organization.

We have a exch2k server running on win2k for years and it is working fine.

I am having a problem with my RUS service update email addresses with my recipient policy. i have 2 sites over a vpn with 3 DC's(all win2003). 2 DC's are in one site and the other DC and exchange is in the other site.

i am on my DC near exchange making changes and the RUS wont update new users that i setup with exchange boxes.

Neither server is a DC, we have two other servers acting as DCs.I will be retiring the exch 2000 server soon as we need to do a domain name change and cannot have it present for that to work.I moved the RUS to the Exch 2k3 server and at first it seemed fine, could create new user and it would populate gal and all other appropriate places.So in a nutshell for some reason after finding the changes it either never tries to or cannot update active directory. If your staff are waiting overnight until new entries appear they are probably using Outlook 2003 in cached mode which uses the offline address book.The offline address book by default only updates once daily, at nightime.

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