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The specific problem is: this seems to be too generally about female soldiers whereas the topic here is about sex (the act, gratification, pornography, etc) during the ACW A Union officer was once quoted regarding how a Union sergeant was "in violation of all military law" by giving birth to child, and this was not the only case where the true sex of a soldier was discovered due to childbirth.

A captured Confederate officer whose true gender was previously unknown by the guards gave birth in a Union prison camp.

In an infamous campaign to rid the city of the "public women", Lt. George Spalding loaded the women on to the steamboat Idahoe.

The women were sent to Louisville, where they were not allowed off the ship and sent further along to Cincinnati. Spalding created a system of registration similar to European ones.

Cases were most prominent around larger cities like Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans; Richmond, Virginia; and Washington, D. Numbers for Confederates are unknown, but are assumed less due to Confederate soldiers being less likely to be in cities.

Prostitution experienced its largest growth during 1861–1865.

The Civil War was generally a time of challenges to traditional gender norms, as women mobilized themselves to participate in the war effort and left the home in droves to serve as charity workers, nurses, clerks, farm labourers, and political activists.

Across the Confederacy, upper-class women assembled all-female home guard militias, drilling firearms usage and training to protect their plantations, properties, and neighbourhoods from Union invasion.

Other historians considered the growth of prostitution to be related to the women wanting to spread venereal disease to the opposing troops.

A newspaper estimated there were 5000 public women in the District and another 2500 in Alexandria and Georgetown, bringing the total to 7500 by the war's third year".

However, it was the towns located just outside the camps where prostitution was most prominent.

As concerted a challenge to gender norms as these all-female militias would seem to pose, however, the participants were careful to otherwise keep well within gender norms, and to avoid the impression of usurping male protective roles.

The most dramatic and extreme challenge to gender roles, then, came with those women who participated in the Civil War as fully enlisted combatants.

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