Sex dating in west hickory pennsylvania

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Holly Sue Thomas from Swarthmore PA, who is not a real woman because real women are not home wreckers, posed as someone who was lonely and everyone in her life had turned against her.

Holly Sue Thomas from Swarthmore PA came into our lives posing as a friend-first to my husband and then to me.

This fat old man is going on his third marriage and tried to manipulate my wife to being his next victim. I seen this fat piece of sh1t sexually assault 3 women, I reported it and they said it never happened “they were manipulated into believing it never happened.

This woman will meet up with your man just to get more minutes put on her cell phone and some gas for car.Considering my ex did the same to me main difference was we were never married.Women need to respect marriages they would want someone to respect their marriage should they marry one day .Not to be mean but my son’s stepmom is beautiful and compared to the lonely troll of a homewrecker a beautyqueen!!!WTF I’M SO GLAD HE’S MY EX AND OBVIOUSLY HE’LL FUK ANYTHING!!

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