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For those who have yet to experience Tinder first-hand: it is a geo-localized dating application where people connect through their Facebook profiles, ensuring that everyone in the app is a real person.You select the gender, age range, and distance from which you want to scour for a match.I was smiling, feeling calm, and having fun with my new-found peace of mind.I still wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for in Tinder – I had no intentions of getting emotionally involved with anyone and I had no desire to have sex with random men either.We had an unlikely yet instant connection, and spent the entire night talking on the phone.And when I say the entire night, I mean until 6 am!And we curious creatures are craving to know what people are experiencing on Tinder.

But if he still smelled after walking out of his office, it was a no go.

And if Tinder could deliver nice men who called when they said they will, then I was in.

Going on a date with the smelly guy I told you about last week gave me the encouragement I needed to go full force in Tinder.

I remember seeing one of my best male friends swiping this way and that way on his phone long before I knew what Tinder really was, and thinking to myself that the world must be coming to an end, completely unaware that I, one day in the not so distant future, would be doing just that in the comfort of my own home, in my pajamas, lazing on the couch.

After the passionate yet way too arduous relationship finally came to an end, I gave myself a brief time for grieving and then, having spent the last years of my 20s in a relationship, decided to go full force into the wild (aka Tinder) without knowing what I’d find there.

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