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I know he's a nice guy but he didn't seem comfortable about making a clear move on that girl.

If I think to times when I've felt most uncomfortable in a situation where someone was talking to me: when the person was bigger or clearly stronger than me, when I was alone with them, when they weren't taking my signals that I wanted the conversation to end. Hell, let's expand that list so that it's not so focused on prestige and applies to every gender. I'll add that, online or off, it's good to show that you're interested in them in particular.The friend zone is a department designed to manage our fast paced style of dating.Since social media and online dating sites, the hook up rate between strangers have increased by 300,000 percent in the last ten years. In 2005, as a very beautiful girl or cute sexy guy, you talk with average of just four to eight new people each month. Cute and sexy guys and ladies handle new requests from over 50 new people every other day…and that’s how Friend Zone was built.As long as they know there's no hard and fast rules. Then the goal really can be self-improvement, but as a side effect it also makes us have more to give to the people we meet.Being a tease isn't a crime, and sending out the wrong signals shouldn't get a woman hurt. I am for feminism because I want to live in a world where I don't need to persistent and pushy with women to get loved. I've found that makes for not only better dating but better friendships, better acquaintance-banter, better work relationships, and so on.

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