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And she’d usually change the subject, or she’d say, oh nothing, you know and then try to laugh it off,” said Flannigan.

He describes Tammy’s behavior as fearful and paranoid.

She asked him to borrow 0 and they fought because he would not drive her to a friend’s home in Fort Lauderdale approximately a 2-hour drive south. Tammy did make 3 frantic phone calls, presumably from the Exxon station, to her aunt Ginger Kolsch’s business Balloonatics the day she disappeared.

Kolsch was out of town but she recalled Tammy sounded like she was really afraid of somebody.

Her best friend Wing Flannagan said Tammy returned from the party a changed person.

“Sometimes I’d ask her, what was on her mind, what was bothering her.

And they said Tammy was watching the scene, she started crying hysterically and it got so bad that they had to take her to a trailer. When I spoke with Tammy’s mother, I told her she should take Tammy to a doctor and to the police to find out if the problem was psychological or if there was some basis of fact that someone was trying to kill her and get to the bottom of it,” said Leibowitz.

All seemed to be going well until the fourth day of filming according to Leibowitz.

Curtis recalled her daughter had not combed her hair that fateful day, which was highly unusual since Tammy always took pride in her appearance.

In addition, she didn’t believe her daughter left on her own, as Tammy had made plans to go to Hollywood, Calif., for three months to shoot films.

“I received a call from the casting director to tell me that Tammy had a breakdown on the set.

They said it was a scene where someone was supposed to be shot and had artificial blood spurt out.

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