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This was the case in 1996 when the Sri Lankan team beat Australia in the finals to win the Cricket World Cup.The whole country shut down as though there were a curfew imposed upon the whole island. Though the nation nurses an unbeatable fondness for bread (for breakfast and dinner), it is considered just plain ‘wrong’ if you don’t have rice and curry for lunch.The traditional Muslim dessert Vatalappan is an all-time favourite while Wadai, Poori and Thosai are the most popular Tamil delicacies.There are several modern inventions dear to a majority of Lankan hearts such as Seeni Sambol with bread (Breakfast/Dinner), Pol-sambol with bread (all-time popular breakfast), Chillie-paste mixed with Marmite©, Pol-sambol with a dash of Marmite© (Lankans are exceedingly fond of Marmite©).

Sri Lankans overall are laid-back, friendly and great lovers of spicy food, good drinks and Cricket.Travel restrictions may be imposed in the North without notice, including in areas around military establishments and those where demining operations continue.Security forces have wide-ranging powers, including the authority to: Violent crime occurs, including harassment and assault aimed at Western foreigners. Pay very close attention to your credit card when it is being handled.It is the Unofficial National sport of Sri Lanka that is closest to its people- CRICKET.A typical Sunday or a national holiday in Sri Lanka is marked with innumerable cricket pitches scattered all over lonely roads, grounds and fields.

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