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For example: XMLSchema is yet another grammar for XML documents, and has gained huge popularity because of the XML syntax it uses, and the richness it provides to define fine grained validation constraints.If an XML instance document points to XMLSchema using the "schema Location" and "no Namespace Schema Location" hints, then to turn on validation against XMLSchema, you need to do the following things: Note that, in this case, even if a DOCTYPE exists in the XML instance, the instance won't be validated against DTD.start Document is called only once before reporting any other event.Similarly, end Document is called only once after the entire XML is parsed successfully. SAXParser Factory spfactory = SAXParser Instance(); Namespace Aware(true); SAXParser saxparser = SAXParser(); //write your handler for processing events and handling error Default Handler handler = new My Handler(); //parse the XML and report events and errors (if any) to the handler saxparser.parse(new File("data.xml"), handler); DOM parsing is an object-based parsing mechanism, which generates an XML object model: an inverted tree-like data structure, which represents the XML document.For example: Note that, even if the validation is turned off, and if the XML instance has a DOCTYPE declaration to an external DTD, the parser always tries to load that DTD.This is done to ensure that any entity references in the XML instance (entity declarations being in the DTD) are expanded properly, which otherwise might lead to a malformed XML document, until and unless the standalone attribute on the XML declaration prolog is set to true, in which case the external DTD is ignored completely.Content Handler interface and register it with the SAX parser.

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If the application needs to be informed of the parsing events (and process it), it must implement the sax.

But as mentioned earlier, surely it would be loaded so that any entity references can be expanded properly.

Since "schema Location" and "no Namespace Schema Location" are just hints, the schemas can also be provided externally to override these hints, using the property " Source".

To transform an XML document using JAXP, you need to create a Transformer using the stylesheet.

Once a Transformer is created, it takes the XML input to be transformed as a JAXP Source, and returns the transformed result as a JAXP Result.

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