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I am so fortunate to have made some wonderful friendships and hope to make many more on my quest to complete the 7 Epics. Thus this year will be the year for serious training as I also plan to to the Sani to Sea in 2015. This will be my 8th trip with TDA, as I've previously ridden the Trans Europa, the Orient Express, the Hippie Trail, the Bamboo Road, Magical Madagascar, the Tour d'Afrique and the Trans Oceania.Looking forward to meeting you on our next adventure which for me will be Trans Europa 2014 Best wishes from Dudley Jesser I am born and bred in South Africa. I love travelling, reading, cycling, exploring, gardening, and just being outside, and did I say travelling. I retired four years ago, after more than 35 years prosecuting criminal cases for the Ontario government, and spend the bulk of my time cycling, golfing, reading and traveling.The Tda was/is like a drug- the more trips you go on, the more you want to do.In Africa i met Michael Linke and the BEN (Bicycle empowerment network), inspired by the great things they were doing, started a chapter of Bicycles for Humanity here in Victoria as a way of giving back.Did Venice to Barcelona leg in 2014 and it was so good that in 2015 I completed the Orient Express and the Bamboo Road before realising I had to get a job again! Previously I've done a section on Bamboo Road (2013), three sections on Trans-Europa (20) and the complete Orient Express (2015).Sadly this year I can only do one segment but with lots of old friends (no reference to ageism) I couldn't resist returning - looking forward to joining you in Banff Hi. Looking forward to a great summer of cycling WOW, ANOTHER TDA TOUR SO FORTUNATE AND PROUD TO BE A PART OF THIS GROUP. MY CHOICE IS TO STAY AS ACTIVE IN LIFE AS POSSIBLE. ENERGIZING MY GOALS AS I SEE THIS AMAZING WORLD ON TWO WHEELS.I completed the Silk Road 2012 which spiked my appetite for adventure with my fellow cyclists.It was such a surreal experience I wish to keep it going until my legs no longer go around in circles.

After an intense 30 Year career, and 4 Ironman Triathlons, whats a guy to do? However, the more i thought about it, the more intrigued i was.

Graduated in Visual Communications (photography and graphic design) After more than a decade of annual and occasional bike touring with my family and friends in the late 80's and 90's, a few seasons of mountain bike racing, and quite few years of just sitting in an office, in 2005 I've read a magazine article about the Tour of Freaks... the Tour d'Afrique, it made me wonder if it is even doable?

Next January I found myself in Cairo at the start line of the 4th edition of TDA, and completed the full tour successfully.

I like discovering the countryside on these bike trips and it is an ideal counter part to office job. Currently I spend my winters in Arizona and will start spending my summers in Camlachie, Ontario. I like going to the nature by bike or just for a walk whenever it is possible.

I am looking forward to exploring some areas of Europe that I've not visited yet. I've done a few long distance rides including the TDA in 2016. Bottle of water, some snack, camera and good weather - what could be better :-) See you soon Hi, My name is Gergo [Grrr-go], I'm from Budapest, Hungary.

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