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The figure skating couple allegedly shared an inadvertent passionate kiss during one of their 2014 practices, after Scott was slowly bringing Tessa down from a lift.

Right now, it’s hard to tell for sure whether their working relationship and friendship will ever develop into something more, as the two are busy preparing to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics once again!

There’s just something about Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue.

It certainly has Canadian figure skating fans foaming at the mouth for them to admit that there’s an inherently romantic element to their relationship. In fact, there might actually be some hope for Moir and Virtue to elevate their relationship to the next level after they retire permanently.

They’ve both described their 20 year union as being far too complex and intricate to define using conventional labels.

Moir has said that he and Tessa are constantly asked about the dynamic of their relationship.

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— Clare (@missclare) The best thing about ice dancing is new people seeing Virtue and Moir and joining the rest of us that have wondered for years "What do you mean, they're not together?

Coming straight from the horses’ mouths, Scott Moir, 30, and Tessa Virtue, 28, admittedly share a very “complicated” relationship.

It’s to the point where even the longtime professional figure skating partners themselves have a hard time defining the dynamics of their unmistakable rapport!

Scott's last name, Moir, is the Scottish variation of the English name Moore.

It is pronounced "Moy-er." Scott's mother's maiden name is Mac Cormack, which is of Scottish and Irish derivation.

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