The dating game online game

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If you can match 4 or more gems, you will also earn yourself an extra turn.

You may also select various style moves that will assist you in the game.

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You are able to catch your fish in order to earn coins as well as multiply the number of fish you have.In order to access help from fellow IMVU members, invite friends to come to your island. There is a wide range of crops to choose from; therefore allowing you to grow and harvest many different crops simultaneously, or rather a large amount of one specific crop.Some of the crops on offer include potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, tulips, strawberries, wheat, corn, pumpkin, roses, eggplant and a great deal more.They are available in both male and female, as well as range in skin tone and style.You are able to invite your friends to your farm and they will assist you in finishing the necessary building.

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