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I can feel his erection again, just like last night, but this time, the hardness of him is right where I want it, pushing against the ache that formed as soon as he spoke those words to me. ” I yell at Griffin.“Just a matter of time until I catch Mc Fadden,” he tells me with a grin.“I’m going to wipe that smile off your face when I catch him and punch you square in the mouth!

His hands slide around to my ass and he pulls me closer to the edge of the counter. ” I shout back.“I don’t know what’s going on here, and I don’t care.

” he complains as I snatch the Crock-Pot up from the table and shove it under my arm.“NO DIP FOR YOU!

” I whirl around and storm toward the house.“If you guys are dating now, you can just split the finder’s fee on Mc Fadden, right? I hear Griffin’s chuckle as I throw open the door to my father’s house and go inside. CHAPTER 11I pace angrily back and forth in my father’s kitchen, muttering to myself.“Stupid man and his stupid infuriating grin. Stupid me for thinking about that damn kiss…”“Can we talk, or do you need a minute?

It better be Buffalo Wing Dip,” Dad tells me as he eyes the Crock-Pot in the crook of my arm.

I haven’t spoken to my dad since I found out Griffin is the guy he hired, and refusing him his favorite football game snack is a good way to tell him I’m pissed at him about it.

” I demand as I stare at the red, swollen area and lightly run my thumb over it. As he eases his head down to me, I start to close my eyes in anticipation of his lips against mine. Not after that crap last night,” I tell him angrily.“Crap? No one has ever said anything like that to me before and meant it.

Then, my stupid brain has to interfere and I remember what happened last night. Putting both of my hands flat against his chest, I shove him away angrily and take a few steps back.“No. Griffin immediately pushes his tongue past my lips and I moan into his mouth when I taste him again.

And decided to add a thick protective layer of makeup.“Uh, is she allowed to wear makeup? As soon as they are out the door, I grab my pot of Buffalo Wing Dip and take it out to my car, securing it in the backseat before pulling out and heading to my father’s house.

I’m pretty sure when they bought this house when my mom was pregnant with Ted, they made it a requirement of the Realtor to find them a house in Notre Dame territory.

In the street there are picnic tables, cafeteria tables, and chairs, and enough food to feed an army. As I slowly pull into my father’s driveway, I see that he and my brothers have brought out his big-screen television and set it in the front yard with an extension cord. Grabbing the Crock-Pot from the backseat, I make my way down the driveway and over to one of the tables where I see my father, Aunt Janet, and Uncle Wally.“Is that Buffalo Wing Dip?

Turning away from Griffin’s smiling face, I take a page out of Meadow’s handbook and stomp angrily over to the end of the table.

I slam the lid back down on the Crock-Pot, narrowly missing my father’s fingers.“Heeeeeeey!

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