Tiffany lamson and taylor guarisco dating

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Photo courtesy of Givers “ This is the moment that you need to be in.” ---Tiffany Lamson Givers is a band that consists of five friends from Lafayette, Louisiana---the art that...I’m going for the drugged-out look because we’re a pop band.” Tiffany Lamson is leaning against a door frame in Dockside Studio’s control room looking wan and disaffected as she and the rest of GIVERS pose for photos. Rebecca Nicholson of , “It’s so relentlessly upbeat, cheerful and full of life that you start to wonder whether they’ve been created by evil pharmaceutical manufacturers to promote the idea that heavy sedative use is not such a bad thing at all.” Jon Young at wrote, “Giddy is the default mode on the breezy debut by this Lafayette, Louisiana quintet. The fact that the band’s songs are as pop as they are is a surprise to them.One night in San Diego, Guarisco and manager Aaron Scruggs had to stay with the van for more than an hour-and-a-half waiting for “the fucking van to go to bed,” in Guarisco’s words.

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“This music’s full of joy because that’s what we were feeling at the time,” Guarisco adds.When asked how many days they’ve been on the road since the album was released, keyboard player Nick Stephan says, “How many days have we not been on tour? v=u NA3v08ygu8[/youtube] Both bands are finding out what playing in the big leagues means in a time when sales are down and the Internet is changing the way people consume music.As Brave New World as it all sounds, band members say the vision of cigar-chomping record execs making it rain isn’t as outmoded as you might think.They ride in a 15-passenger van, and there’s nothing glamorous about it.The van developed the habit of starting itself up, even after it had been turned off and the keys removed from the ignition.

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