Toilet chatroom talk

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Learning the theoretical ‘stuff’ – the vocabulary, the grammar and all those sneaky exceptions to the rule. Learning how to take the theoretical ‘stuff’ and putting it into practice.If you learn English with Busuu, you won’t just be learning in theory.We'd love to let as many people know about Dementia Talking Point as possible.

Here, using a small set of these interviews, which were made with students in a tutorial centre in Athens [2], we will describe how some young people use the Internet to make relationships with others, and particularly how young women and men use the net to meet and talk to one another.Go over your recording or message to check you’re happy, then upload it for a member of our community to review.Or, if you’ve already made a friend on Busuu, you can send it directly to them.Just fill in this online form with your address details (UK only) and we will send you a pack of leaflets together with suggestions about places to leave them so they will get seen. It might seem like stating the obvious; but it’s easy to forget the reason you started learning all that vocab and grammar was so you could become comfortable Say you’re learning English.

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