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It should show the type of phone, the number assigned or if it's now "inactive". The phone may have accidentally deactivated or they may have done it on purpose.If all looks ok there, it's probably a SIM gone bad. They will admit to an accident and try to fix it but they may never tell you why they did it on purpose. One day, I was checking it, and it fired up with an Unregistered SIM.Then suddenly: "To further assist you with your issue, please contact 1-866-806-1840 and enter this PIN XXXXXX if prompted by the system.Please be informed that the PIN will be valid within two weeks.

So it's been pretty good with us and tracfone this past year.My service runs until 9/14 and I have over 3,000 minutes. I look down and the phone says "Unregistered SIM", won't even make a phone call.Anyway, so I click on a secure website and as usual to login i have to enter the code from their automatic text message. So I can't get into my important account, whatever. As usual they are rude and tell me the phone ran out of minutes and i need to buy more.For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from AM to PM EST.Thank you for chatting with Trac Fone Wireless." And she ends the chat. But the way they are acting I suspected something fishy was going on.

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