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just enough spot welds to keep the bearing from spinning. I personally would not have ordered a new assembly. I have done the center punch fix several times also but in this case again not needed.The fit is not that loose to have concern as long as it is not allowed to spin on the fit. Devcon is good stuff too but in this case not needed.I cleaned up the shaft with 400 grit sand paper to take any burrs off of it. I will up date how it holds up after some hard using.Other then been a little looser of a fit it doesnt look bad now. Dont come apart again and pieces jamming them up there is not much of a twisting load on them. Not sure if I want to fill it with grease or a thick oil when I put it back together.Was pretty bad and moving enough to make the v belt to slip and smoke.I have a whole new Vibrating assembly coming but its a month out .it looks as the old bearing were failing all the metal parts were jamming them up on the shaft causing the shaft to get worn a little and the inside race of the bearing to blue a little its a light press fit to get them back on very light cant weld the shaft and turn it down locktite bearing on shaft ? just install it with grease and hope it will run for the next week 30-40 hours being power by 6.5 HP ENGINE spinning little weights to make it vibrate.

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The fit is not that loose to have concern as long as it is not allowed to spin on the fit. I like the 660 idea too, myself I would do both, leaving the putty 2 thou high and let the bearing shave off the excess putty for an interfernce type fit up.

It would be nice to see a pic of the shaft to get a better idea of how much damage or lack of has been done to the shaft. All part are cleaned and waiting 660 and new bearing get here today.

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