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These repositories are designed to be compatible with Fedora Core although they may not be compatible with each other.

Some of the repositories have discontinued active support for earlier versions of Fedora Core but keep the repositories around for the convenience of users with previous versions.

There are also occasional overlaps or packaging errors that cause one package to negatively affect packages distributed from different repositories.

Fedora Core, Fedora Extras and Fedora Legacy are official repositories in this project. Fedora Extras is maintained by a group of volunteers and affiliated with the official Fedora Project.

Fedora Extras is currently included in the base distribution as a default repository and no extra configuration is required to enable it.

Fedora is sometimes called Fedora Linux and Fedora Core Linux, though this is not actually the official name.

Fedora is designed to be easily installed and configured with a simple graphical installer and the 'system-config' suite of configuration tools.

The installation system includes an option to use GNU GRUB, a boot loader, facilitating the use of Fedora in conjunction with another operating system.

Fedora Core uses GNOME as its default desktop environment.

The Fedora developers' attention to usability improvements in the GNOME codebase has meant that they have on occasions backported improvements such as the no-focus-steal feature in GNOME, for Fedora Core 4.

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