Updating meade autostar 497 controller

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Try a soft reset first if not follow Weasners guide for hard reset via software (terminal) I was never able to get to the menu to do a reset through the handset. Now that I got past that its just stuck on the testing motors prompt but it never moves the motors.there is apparently no ay to bypass the testing motors function.I assume that ill have to do it with the pc and the cable I'm making today. You may need the Meade #505 connector cable kit, if you need to do the hard reset.I can't understand why it would do this when it just connected to the DS motor kit, 4#92. The 497 controller should work with the Meade 492 Motor Kit.I noticed that in the OP that you said the 497 Controller stated "c07 Meade 43E".I have two 497s and both have ETX 80 listed in the menu...You should always do a reset when swapping handsets between mounts.I believe you can further update the controller to a 43Eg. With this cable connected i get the same sequence of events as i described above, but when it gets to the part where it would say testing motors the screen goes blank and still, the motors do not move.

If the telescope was stalled, remove the obstruction or overload.I picked up a used Meade Autostar handset second hand from astromart from a seller with perfect feedback.As soon as i plug it into the Computer Control board with the batteries and the two motors I get the following:c07 Meade 43EA U T O S T A RPress 0 to Alignor MODE for Menu So i press MODEImmediately i get Motor Unit Fault and then a long series of messages about why i may be getting the fault."Autostar has detected a motor failure.I figured i may have made up the CAT5 cable incorrectly, so i cut the ends off and did it again with the same result.I wonder if i'm not reading the directions correctly???

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