Updating to 3 80 m33

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What I’m wanting to do with the PSP is start from scratch so install the Official 6.60 Firmware on it and then run games via the Pro Update and Fast Recovery method.

The issue is I’m not seeing any option to update the PSP.

I have a 512MB memory stick and I’ve put the official update files on the card.

I’ve put them in every folder I can think of, the root of the card, in the PSP folder, in the PSP/Game Folder I can’t get the PSP to see the update at all.

What am I missing or is there a different process for updating due to the CFW?

And one related question the system came with a Photo Fast MS Pro Duo adapter and it has two Class 2 8GB Micro SD cards in it.

It will download the new firmware automatically.-However, the network update does not include the official 3.90 firmware, a file required for the update.

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All the credit goes to them and I suggest visiting their website and donating money via Pay Pal.A couple of years back he had me find the links/guides on how to hack the PSP for him but he did the actual hacking so while I’m slightly familiar with the process i have no experience in actually hacking the PSP.I’m finally getting around to do something with the PSP as I want to load it up with Emulators as well as play FF7 and KH Birth By Sleep and to play both those it requires the system to be updated.One of the features that was added is the ability to update your custom firmware through Network Update, the icon in the System portion of the XMB that you use to install official Sony updates.This means that I will no longer need to write another of these guides, unless they are demanded, in the future.

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