Updating whois

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Effective December 1, 2016, ICANN is revising its Transfer Policy.

Any change made to the registrant's name, organization, or email address will put the domain in a 60-day transfer lock; it will also trigger notification emails that are sent to the old and new registrant notifying them of the change.

See the following section of the Knowledge Base for help on making these changes: The e-mail should be from the owner of the Domain name (the source e-mail address will be verified), and include details of the changes required.

WHOIS is the tool used to look up domain name registration details.

These details contain information about the date the domain was registered, its expiration date, registrant information, nameservers, and the domain registrar.

When a domain is registered, ICANN requires that this information is listed in a public database which can be viewed by anyone using the WHOIS protocol.

I also have some details around how collecting and processing data will influence both our Master Services Agreement and your own end-user service agreements (and we’ll share some recommendations on that). You can look up who owns a domain to find their phone number, email, even their postal address.

The following are examples of messages that may appear in your panel when you save a change you make to a domain registration.

Please visit the following article for further details: ICANN requires that domain owners have true and accurate ownership details on file with the registry.

They can even force registrars to suspend customer domains if there is inaccurate ownership information listed in the system, and as a domain owner, you are required to list true and accurate ownership details for any domains you register.

You can read more about this service at: The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) broadly requires that the mailing address, phone number, and email address of those owning or administering a domain name are made publicly available through the "WHOIS" database.

ICANN is a non-profit organization that coordinates the Internet's global domain name system, and registrars (like Dream Host) must comply by their regulations in order to remain accredited. The WHOIS database allows you to instantly obtain information on a given domain name, including who registered it, when it was created, who to contact at that domain, and so on. Another exception is domain names, which also cannot have their WHOIS modified in the panel.

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