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Let’s say you need to keep 12 months of complex accounts in one workbook.

You have created 12 sheets and named them January to December, laid out and formatted the January sheet, and then proceed to copy and paste the spreadsheet to the other 11 sheets.

Whether you’re just starting out on your Excel journey or have been using it for a while, there are a few skills that you should know about Excel: the best ways of doing things, certain pitfalls to avoid, things that will impress other people (especially your boss).

In this article, I will talk about the 20 most important skills you need to know about Excel, including some of the best hints and tips I can think of to get you started as a beginner – or make you more productive as an experienced user.

At an advanced level, you can even allow only certain users to edit particular regions.

And the best thing is, when the values change, conditional formatting kicks in and re-formats the cell accordingly.

Auto-fill allows you to quickly copy the values from one cell to lots of adjacent cells, either vertically or horizontally.

And it doesn’t just work with formulas either, you can use auto-fill to quickly create lists of days, months or even create your own lists.

If you want to prevent other people from changing your data, simply convert your spreadsheet to PDF and send out that.

Converting Excel documents to a PDF file is simple and all current versions of Excel can do it without the need for additional software.

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