Validating vat numbers

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I work at a digital agency and deal with a number of Magento sites, the majority of our clients have a B2B feature on their website, all of which use this module. This Magento extension gets your checkout working perfectly, with auto lookups to validate business VAT numbers.

It makes what is normally a tedious process a breeze; much better than native Magento functionality! We used automatic settings which created the rules needed to apply the EU VAT rules. A fantastic extension with OUTSTANDING support from Sven, who went over and above what was required to get our unique one page checkout integrated and working with the extension for us. I wish all developers offered such great customer service. Easy to set up and easy to understand each step in the installation guide. Suddenly the extension worked again, without any problems. However we were surprised by the fast response and ready to help us out. After purchasing and installing the module, setting everything up was easy.

It can send SOAP requests to the Europa VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) API Web server to perform validation of a given VAT number of a given country.The VIES website, which is operated by the European Commission, lets you check the validity of a VAT registration number for any business registered in the EU.The system uses real-time data feeds from individual member states’ VAT systems so the information should be up to date at all times.For example, this kind of validation can be very useful on online payment forms.I'm Pierre-Henry Soria, a passionate Software Engineer and the creator of p H7CMS.

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